Portaits: The Midnight Hour

I got a chance to see the Devious Means and the Midnight Hour perform at Wahoo's in HB last week.  Really great show despite the limited space.   Most of the time that I see the Devious Means, I am shooting.  Which is great but I never really get a chance to enjoy the music and participate as an audience member.  So, this time I sat back and enjoyed their set.  I did though, take some pictures during the Midnight Hour performance.  It was a little tricky making the inside of a Wahoo's not look like a Wahoo's.  I metered to the lights, knowing that I was going to post-convert to B/W.  I had the ISO up to 1600 and my 50mm set to 1.8F.  For me, knowing the final edit  before, is as important as shooting correctly,   If you get a chance you should check out both bands, both are really great.